Mandamus Writ

Verification Of Service Rendered Upon Respondent(s)
HRM Post Master General Kwa'mutsun Nation State
HRM Hwuneem Document Of Service Upon Crown Canada
Issuance Of Warrant To Perform
Mandamus Writ
In The Matter Of Protection & Stewardship Of Waterways
Gus Wen Tah
As Issued Herein Per Customary & International Law
Ancillary Cause
For Purposes Of Avoiding
The International Incident With The United States Of America
Regarding The USA Complaint Of Maritime Pollution By Crown Canada
The West Coast Of Turtle Island North

Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun  Class Claim                             Complainant
Crown Canada British Columbia Joint & Several            Respondent

Complainant, as above, has alleged continuous and aggressive breach of Gus Wen Tah by the Respondent, as above, in contravention of both customary law and international law to the detriment and established rights of Salish People, HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem absolute monarchy, as including the Kwa'mutsun Nation State territories. These said territorial rights are delivered upon Elizabeth II and Crown Canada; and, received by the agent actor judges of this Crown Canada party.

Crown Canada, et al, possesses conditional landing rights per the original Gus Wen Tah / Peace, Trust Friendship customary authorities of the absolute monarchical person of the established traditionally governed territories by Salish People

And, wherein HRM  Hwuneem has held court regarding complaints by this said United States of America regarding the alleged and continued, non-remediated acts by Crown Canada and the affiliate British Columbia within the customary and protected territories of Salish People; namely, as affecting the jurisdictional rights of reign and rule by the absolute monarch HRM Hwuneem as Head of State, Head of Government and Head of Church, therein, at Kwa'mutsun Nation State and within traditionally governed territories; and,

The protection and preservation of the integrity of waterways remains within the absolute territorial right, at her discretion, of enforceable governance of said HRM Hwuneem; and,

The complaint claim by a subject within these said territorial Salish rights, as exercised consecutively by the HRM Hwuneem sustained monarchy since time began on these Turtle Island North west coast territories with absolute right of authority has been considered and judged by this HRM Hwuneem court to be in contravention of the enforceable Gus Wen Tah / Peace, Trust, Friendship law as applied within these said territories; and,

Further, the HRM Hwuneem court has considered that the life rights of subjects and citizens within these said HRM Hwuneem territories as a sovereign independent nation state are in perile due to the continued destruction by Crown Canada British Columbia, et al, in absence of permit via HRM Hwuneem to pollute and imperile these said subjects and citizens continuously; and, that accredited academic studies have provided conclusive evidence that such denial of right of access by Crown Canada, et al, to these HRM Hwuneem subjects, supra, to harvest food and medicines from these said waterways continuously since the commencement by Crown Canada of conditionally landing, as supra; and,

Additionally, the neighbour United States of America has delivered Notice of Claim upon Crown Canada in these matters of maritime pollutions by Crown Canada British Columbia joint and several; which imperiles the safety and security of the HRM Hwuneem monarchy and Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Gus Wen Tah Resoloution
HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State (HRM Hwuneem  at KNS), in 2006, has instructed Crown Canada (with attending legal counsel from all parties in the action) to comply, forthwith, with remediation provisions regarding pollution of sacred maritime waterways within the enforceable jurisdictional, governed territories of said HRM Hwuneem  at KNS. Crown Canada has continuously breached these said instructions.

HRM Hwuneem  at KNS has provided instructions for Crown Canada to cease and decist from obstructing HRM Hwuneem  at KNS from remediating these said pollutions, as above. And, HRM Hwuneem  at KNS has been forcibly detained by Crown Canada illicit military force from proceeding to install and operate viable technologies within its possession to remediate these continued pollutions; and, Crown Canada has, further, proceeded to hold its ultra vires military court to try and convict against HRM Hwuneem and Kwa'mutsun Nation State as a means of preventing HRM Hwuneem  at KNS from entering the contested territories for remediation purposes.

Mandamus Order : $2 Billion USD
Crown Canada shall deliver, forthwith, within 72 hours of this date February 6th, 2015 (before end of regular business hours) $2 Billion (Two Billion) United States Dollars to the HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem possession of the Peace & Harmony Trust at the Bank of Nova Scotia within Kwa'mutsun Nation State governed territories of the absolute monarchy of HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State. It shall be understood that it is within the rightful HRM Hwuneem discretion to proceed through these said monies to commence remediation of maritime waterways as being polluted by Crown Canada. This order is not appeallable; and, shall carry the full weight of enforcibility as within the absolute HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State, forthwith. HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State shall utilize associate nation state assistance in enforcement.

Under The Jurisdictional Seal Of The Absolute Monarchy At
HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem
The Sovereign Independent 
Kwa'mutsun Nation State
Publication Date February 6th, 2015
Kwa'mutsun Nation State
Hay Tseep Q'u   Thank You

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