Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Modern Era Declaration

Constitution Of Kwa’mutsun Nation State

In The Beginning There Was Truth; And, It Has Prevailed

It shall be known to all; and, embraced as being the fundamental truth, herein, that this Kwa'mutsun Nation Constitution is one of clarity; arising from the grace of the Creator; wherein all governance shall be founded and exercised through the sacred principles of Peace, Trust and Friendship or Gus Wen Tah; and, that this said constitution is a living one, as is the water that we drink; the air that we breath; and, the land upon which we shall build and maintain our Nation. The Kwa'mutsun Nation State is the dynastic state of Her Royal Majesty Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem who, as Head of the Name and Arms of Her royal dynasty, reigns and rules as the sui juris Absolute Sovereign of the Kwa'mutsun Nation State.

1.   There shall always be the thrust of governance to foster peacemaking in opposition to warfare in all domestic and foreign affairs; specifically, that peace as opposed to war is the fundamental inclination of the person; and, that this ethic shall continue to be the apex of diplomacy in all matters of state forever,

1.   It is the fundamental nature of the person to offer trust of purpose to all others; and, therein,
2.   All of the actions of this Nation shall reflect the consensus of design, as arises from its sui juris Absolute Sovereign.


1.   It is fundamental that this state of friendship is the root of both Peace and Trust.

Throughout all matters of state and civility, the essence of this Supreme Law must be maintained with unfeigned clarity, namely, that the human conscience - of morality and good ethic - arises and is sustained through these three fundamental principles of Peace, Trust and Friendship.

Kwa'mutsun Nation State