Cease & Desist Crown Canada Court

Dear United Nations
UN Secretary General, UN General Assembly, UN Security Council

{In the following, Crown Canada is presumed to be the constitutional monarchy of a territory claimed by third parties to be a duly founded country within international law standards}

In The Matter Of HRM Hwuneem v. Crown Canada; i.e., jurisdictional absolute and paramount right of law; specifically, but, not limited to, hold court :
  1. HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem remains the Head of State, Government & Church; and, reigns and rules within the Kwa'mutsun Nation State as the absolute monarch; not abandoned, non-diminished; not lost through war or treaty; and,
  2. It falls within the entitled and exercised domain of HRM Hwuneem to be the law in toto; and,
  3. HRM Hwuneem has consistently appeared before Crown Canada and its judiciary to decree this absolute monarchical prerogatives; and,
  4. Crown Canada