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AUG 7TH    SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST    2017 ADE

On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 8:51 AM
Kwa'mutsun Nation State <kwamutsunnationstate@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem / Kwa'mutsun Nation & Councillors

Please, review this DRAFT RESOLUTION - it seeks to mitigate the two immediate outstanding trespass matters :
  1. The not resolved outstanding JUB Open Sewage Lagoons Facilities; and,
  2. The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit operations
I will call throughout Saturday to gain your endorsement or guidance on amendments before submitting it to the noted Respondents.

Regards, Ralph : SQYX


VIMC : Expansion Project : International Finance : Exploring Growth Options : MNC VOID

Yes, we can talk : These matters are quite simple : This communication does NOT include LINKS for ease of reading - except for the TRC Report, SCBC S67804 Case &  Deskaheh Letter, below :
  1. Kwa'mutsun Nation does NOT have a treaty with any other party : not with EIIR Canada ("ship") ... This nation territory has evolved over the last 13,500 years of habitation on the west coast of Turtle Island North
  2. Therefore, Kwa'mutsun is sovereign territory . EIIR Canada must have Kwa'mutsun permission to enter the territory
  3. This permission requirement applies to Municipality of North Cowichan - whether they recognize this duty or not
  4. The traditional practice of the constitutional monarchy of Canada has been to impose a "reverse onus" duty upon any CSSP (Consecutively Settled Sovereign Peoples) who raise jurisdiction questions. These are legacies from the 15th century Papal Bulls Inter Caetera and Romanus Pontifex - which deemed non-Christians as being "non-human" / not competent to hold land in ownership
  5. In 2006 we confirmed with Canada at the JUB facility negotiations table (CP3 Holders, Canada, North CowichanJUB & Cowichan Tribes - all attending with their lawyers - Ruby Peter is installed as paramount spokesperson for the indigenous CP3 title holders; reasons including matters of Right of Leader and language barriers) . Canada Department of Justice agreed that they could NOT be the governing party to establish the JUB Facility contract - that in absence of treaty; Kwa'mutsun is the standing authority ... MNC and JUB refused to continue to negotiate. Therefore, Jub was issued a "cease and desist order" - which they continue to ignore - BUT, now that Kwa'mutsun has published its own Criminal Code; and, given notice to EIIR Canada and MNCKwa'mutsun can proceed to prosecute, hold trials; and, upon conviction; incarcerate or deport : Free Prior Informed Consent prevailing
  6. Most of Turtle Island west coast territory is NOT treatied with EIIR Canada Ship. Territorial recognition exists among the circa 200 CSSP nations on the coast through customary laws and traditions
  7. A treaty is simply a contract : and, must have the three primary elements to be binding (A) Meeting of the minds. Both parties must agree that they understand the Terms & Conditions before signing; (B) All parties must be legally competent and capable to enter into the contract; and, (C) There must be an exchange of consideration. There must be legal tender exchanged - this can be something tangible like money or goods; or, it can be a promise or commitment : all of which must be capable of being interpreted at court. Additionally, the contract must be executed within lawfulness
  8. Kwa'mutsun always retains sole property rights ( Note: in Canada, the Crown always has ownership of land and resources- even through treaties : this is why Kwa'mutsun and ALL indigenous territories have retained taxation rights - even when "treaties" were signed : the majority of treaties were not valid because the BUYER (HBC or agent) was not a competent party : not entitled to buy lands - HBC Charter prohibited such; and, was null and void in 1697
  9. Ruby Peter Hwuneem is the recognized hereditary Leader of Kwa'mutsun territories : It is a nation : further, it remains a legitimate Absolute Monarchy per international terms adopted at the United Nations
  10. HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem (Ruby Peter) is a more powerful queen than Elizabeth II (constitutional queen) : the Absolute Monarchy is a well respected governance structure throughout the world
  11. HRH Hwuneem's rulings are final - no appeal : This requires very special caution for her in making any decision
  12. Kwa'mutsin Nation has a criminal code; including the Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes Act - under which "trespass" arises as an offence
  13. 98% of west coast consecutively settled sovereign peoples (CSSP) - a phrase provided through the UN - are not treatied . The "Douglas" treaties are not valid - HBC Charter expired in 1697; and, Charles II prohibited HBC from buying land : they were only franchised to enter into trade agreements (British short & long parlaiments never assented t=King Charle II's Charter; and, his gift of Turtle Island land to his German cousin Rupert was not a legal gift : Charles II did not possess it to give)
  14. The VIMC is trespassing : MNC has no authority - and, we have informed them of this since 2006 - when we were negotiating on the JUB Open Sewage Lagoons (still no contract) - it began in 1949 on Ruby Peter's mother's landsMNC and Duncan are aware; as is Canada Department of Justice and AANDC (Indians Affairs) [68 years without a binding contract]
  15. The VIMC owners will be cited in the trespass charges; along with all government levels associated with that project
  16. Cowichan Tribes is not a legitimate entity : In 1949 the Peoples of the six tribes did not agree to form this entity. The Canada Indian Agent did so fraudulently
  17. Kwa'mutsun Nation has governing authority to charge, arrest and sentence all parties : citizens and trespassers : HRH Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem possess VETO rights on all commerce and trade matters within her territory
  18. The United Nations recognizes Kwa'mutsun Nation as an associate member of the IGO Great Turtle Island Federation since 2013
  19.  The most difficult matter for the average non-indigenous Canadian to get their head around is that Canada has accepted the 2015 TRC Final Report - which cited EIIR Canada's duplicity of "Genocide" more than 30 times throughout its 536 pages ... these are war crimes still being committed
  20. Therefore, since Elizabeth has been queen since 1953; and, the last Indian Residential School closed in 1996; it is within the justifiable cause that Kwa'mutsun Nation has reported these war crimes to the Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court; and, such actions appear to be breaches of criminal law in the United Kingdom per the Coronation Oath undertakings 
  21. Most issues of these crimes continue today (A) missing indigenous women across Canada;(B) 20-70% of Jailed inmates (men and women) are indigenous; (C) up to 70% of children ceased from their parents are indigenous children (who will be  non-indigenous homes); (D) suicide among both young peoples and elders is rampant on "reserves" across Canada;(E)  EIIR Canada continues to deprive indigenous Peoples of their lands and resources; (F) indigenous Peoples are 40% more likely to die before age 55;(G) health care and education provisions on "reserves" is generally decrepit across Canada's 650 "First Nations" ... this is an ever increasing list that simply reflects the reality that the "Doctrine of Discovery" has not gone away;and, (H) there is about $200 billion sitting in the Indian Trust Fund that was established 150 years ago - EIIR Canada no longer posts that Debt on its ledgers - that is part of the Taxosnet EIIR Canada Ship Assets Auction
  22. The Supreme Court of Canada has continued a questionable judicious practice of "reverse onus" regarding CSSP land title questions reaching their domain. And, further, the Jay Treaty & Ghent Treaty terms of recognizing CSSP continued rights are not recognized within reason
  23. Hence, Kwa'mutsun Nation has always been a warrior nation; and, Mom Ruby continues that historic tradition that was so well exemplified by Her ancestor Chief Kakalatza; and, therefore, the message about TAXOSNET & the AUCTION is a reality; just like "TRESPASS" - and, there is growing influence throughout the international indigenous Peoples ("Peoples" is capitalized because it has astounding legal significance within international circles of law- including, at the U.N.) arising through the unfolding application of the Free Prior Informed Consent declaration.
  24. The United Nations continues to struggle with its Charter, Chapter VII regarding hostile military occupation by a foreign power; nevertheless, Kwa'mutsun Nation has submitted complaints to the U.N. Security Council regarding the EIIR Canada Ship continued hostile trespass; as well as challenging EIIR Canada Ship's founding membership due to the fraudulent claim of land which CSSP name as indigenous Peoples rightful territory
  25. Today, there are more than 65 million people living in refugee camps - 40% are children under age 12
  26. EIIR Canada Ship has established the 650 "First Nation" reserves as refugee camps .... where 50% cannot get property rights to build a home; so they move off reserve ... The original "Indian Act" created "Locatee" property titles; which in 1949, under the revised act became "Certificates of Possession" - now, these rights are being dissolved; and, citizen's properties are becoming "Band Land" - which is still EIIR Canada Crown land. Part of this problem arises through the vile EIIR Canada Ship machinations of creating internecine war fares among surviving families on the "reserves"
  27. Kwa'mutsun Nation will now prosecute for "Trespass" and recover its lands for its citizenry - who individually, may choose to "lease" their lands - but, as individual "allodial title" holders, these lands are never divested away from the original title holder by custom and tradition. Each CSSP is entitled to 125 acres at age twelve. These "Allodial Titles" cannot be lost through theft or war. Elizabeth received (and, replied to) the 2005 warning that she had failed in her duties; and, that redemption was forthcoming
  28. All of the information in the LINKS of the INFO that I have submitted to you are a collection of proofs from indigenous scholars and UK Parliamentary records; and, the "Absolute Monarchy" terms guide comes from legal scholars who come from the UN International law division; and,
  29. For CSSPs, competent, not biased legal counsel of choice is not (and, is recognized as such - see SCBC transcripts of Case S67804 - Log In Instructions) possible within the EIIR Canada Ship; nor - as MacIntosh, J. noted - to be found within the British Commonwealth. It is not probable for an indigenous person to come to an EIIR Canada Ship court with certainty that they have competent legal counsel of choice attending with them - as is certainly evident by the extremely high incidence of jailed CSSPs in EIIR Canada's Ships
Do not feel overwhelmed by the apparent complexities of the two issues VIMC & TAXOSNET : Both are "Trespass" issues - which even the Indian Act of Canada recognizes is the sole jurisdiction of the individual "reserve" to manage and prosecute ... And, which, the absolute monarchy of Kwa'mutsun Nation is rightfully doing in support of the Two Row Wampum : Peace Trust Friendship : Gus Web Tah : Covenant Chain which has prevailed within indigenous Peoples tradition; as well as being the foundation of all "treaties" - including the 400 year old Iroquois Nation - Empire of the 1613 - present Netherlands Nation-to-Nation trade agreement.

Please, take a moment to read through this Chief Deskaheh 8-page letter to George V regarding the past practice in 1923 of Britain and Canada disrespecting Indigenous Peopls.

We shall talk later : Questions by email give you a permanent record : Please, ask ANY question : Everything is OK  to ask
Regards, Ralph

Shqwi'qwal   RALPH CHARLES GOODWIN   Yuxwuletun