Kwa'mutsun Nation State


United States Of America
Dear President Obama / Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuuxshish

You are, respectfully, invited to enter into confidential, non-committal, friendly dialogue on the historical and contemporary issues of the HRM COMPACT; and, the role that the United States of America may choose to enact in these matters of the absolute monarch nation state in regards to Mother Earth Stewardship. In particular, we request that you examine this Peace, Trust & Friendship invitation through the lens of your obligations per your induction as Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuuxshis.

In a note of importance, HRM Hwuneem wishes to dicuss cross-border-logistics; in particular, the issue of the 49th parallel being held within the absolute monarchical HRM Hwuneem continuous royal dynastic independent sovereign nation state jurisdiction since the beginning of time; namely, the paramount governed, sovereign, independent jurisdiction of HRM Hwuneem per her subject citizen emissary daughter. All affairs of state, commerce; and, human being transit seeking to cross this said border require HRM Hwuneem absolute monarchical royal prerogative decree in order to avoid trespass breach by customary and international law provisions; as witnessed by the historical 1613 Haudenosaunee Two Row Wampum / Gus Wen Tah dictates; and, veto provisions, therein. An example, of interest, would be the Keystone Pipeline logistics territorial integrity trespass issues ; and, certainly, the jurisdictional reign and rule royal prerogative sustained right of HRM Calliou, Kelly Lake Rocky Mountain Cree Nation State.

Your reply is acceptable directly by letter, email, telephone; or, through your emissary.

HRM Hwuneem sends prayers to you, your family, subjects, citizens and nation state.
Emmisary On Behalf Of

Hay Tseep Q'u   Thank You