Information Notice To Monarchs 8.2.15

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Goodwin RC <>Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 7:27 PM
To: Chief Kwarakwante Cliff Calliou <>, Kaneekaneet a <>, KATHY BICKLE <>, Ross Silvey <>, Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem <>,
Cc:, Robin Davidson <>
Respectfully addressed To Your Royal Majesties {HRM}
Thank you for receiving this submission for your consideration; review and commentaries :
As the Western Doorkeeper of the GTIF IGO Circle of Fires; and, therein, as Chancellor of Laws [Speaker or Shqwi'qwal] I have prepared these documents of reference {web and pdf} that are crafted through the direct and applied legal wisdom of a professor of international law; in particular, expert in matters of the absolute monarch and the independent sovereign nation state.
The HRM Hwuneem Kwa'mutsun Nation State serves as the "golden rule" in structuring your individual statements of absolute monarchy and therein the sovereignty of your nation state as prescribed through both customary laws of your specific domain; and, including those international law provisions that you have adopted / or shall adopt in the future {this filed being a living resource}.

I will be submitting to your possession during this week the individual, specific Three Phase documents of your individual reign & rule. You are entitled to constitute and declare your presence and rule, as of this email from me. In the interim, where and when necessary, you may refer any party to the template, as above; and, the dispute resolution info documents, as attached.
The commercial advantages for your monarchy and for your settled subject citizens are remarkable within these contexts. And, it is my appointed responsibility to be your keeper of records in these matters.
Therefore, as I write to you today, it is my pleasure to respectfully address each and every one of you as being Your Royal Highness {HRM} of your individual absolute monarchies, which likewise have created the three fundamental documents of evidence - as with HRM Hwuneem at Kwa'mutsun Nation State

On the matter of the the Post Master General, Kwa'mutsun Nation State has applied for the Universal Postal Union / UPU membership. We will receive the reply by Wednesday - Feb 11th. I will construct your applications as this process is verified through HRM Hwuneem Kwa'mutsun.
I have attached an information template letter regarding an advisory for dispute resolution to be applied within your individual territories. This document is enforceable through your individual absolute monarchical authorities.
I invite your replies.
Thank You / huy'ch'qu'

Kind Regards
Ralph Charles Goodwin