Rocky Mountain Kelly Lake Cree Nation Advisory

HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem sends you her prayers for you and your subjects.

It has come to pass that Kelly Lake Rocky Mountain Cree Nation State Peoples, through your absolute monarchy are recognized by customary and international law.

It is within this absolute monarchical HRM  Kwarakwante dynasty that you reign and rule with absolute authority; supported by international law in Name and Arms.

HRM Hwuneem recognizes your absolute authority as being within the same royal prerogatives that are enjoyed by HRM Hwuneem; per your founding statement, charter and constitution - as with Kwa'mutsun Nation State.

Kwa'mutsun Nation State under HRM Hwuneem possesses absolute authority to proclaim, adjudicate and enforce her decrees; and, supports your HRM  Kwarakwante decrees as originating within your court and parliament. It is our understanding that you (HRM  Kwarakwante) rule and reign as does HRM Hwuneem rule and reign with clarity.

We do support your right to hold court - by customary law and international law - and, therein, to render decisions that are not appellable.

In the matter of dispensation of law, there are the matters of your subjects and your citizens. And, we understand that your royal decree in this instance is that you do follow interpretations similar to those of HRM Hwuneem; namely, that a subject is any person who is within your domain; and a citizen is a subject born within your territories and who is of a bloodline consistent with that of the historical Kelly Lake Rocky Mountain Cree People as recognized by you; and, who holds certain constitution rights, as may be defined within your prerogatives; such as right to settle on certain defined real estate, at your pleasure. Whereas, a subject - who is a foreign person - relies upon your specific invitation to enter your territories; and, who may continue to be present within your territorial rule through your decree only.

Where a dispute arises within your realm and rule, HRM Hwuneem understands that you will hold court; compelling the Complainant and the Respondent to attend at your commend; and, that, in consequence, you with receive facts and testimony from both parties within the bounds of a fair and complete hearing. And, that you will issue a decisive decree that both parties are bound with your laws to comply with and forthwith.

HRM Hwuneem, again, offers her prayers for your reign and rule as absolute monarch of your As’in’i’wa’chi Ni’yawak nation state. And, Her Royal Majesty Hwuneem and Kwa'mutsun Nation State are always at your disposal for conference on issues of the reign of state and rule.

Ralph Charles Goodwin / Shqwi'qwal Yuxwuletun
on behalf of
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