Decree Non-Compliance

Crown Canada $2 Billion USD Deposit Into The HRM Hwueem Kwa'mutsun Nation State Peace & Harmony Trust At The Bank Of Nova Scotia Prior To The Business Day End Of February 11th, 2015

In the event that Crown Canada fails to comply within the stated time limit as decreed regarding the two billion ($2 Billion) USD deposit for stewardship recovery regarding continuous pollution of maritime waterways

HRM Hwuneem shall proceed in the following manners as an edict to recover this stated due amount, supra; namely, including, but not limited to
  1. Seize into the HRM Hwuneem possession all Crown Canada assets as are within the HRM Hwuneem jurisdictions
  2. Upon seizure, then HRM Hwuneem shall proceed to dispose of these said assets (i.e., tangible real estate, financial instruments; instruments of debt; and, all assets of the Bank of Canada as a Class Claim)
  3. HRM Hwuneem justification of this seizure is entirely with the prescriptions of the Royal Prerogatives of the absolute monarch  

Under The Jurisdictional Seal Of The Absolute Monarchy At
HRM Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem
The Sovereign Independent 
Kwa'mutsun Nation State
Publication Date February 6th, 2015
Kwa'mutsun Nation State

Hay Tseep Q'u   Thank You

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